Richie Milne Fitness is your definitive guide when it comes to working out, and diet advice. Getting the body you want has never been easier, with an in-depth selection of fitness articles on a range of subjects from workouts, nutrition, losing belly fat, building muscle, getting an adonis belt, the best time to do cardio, which supplements to use, meal frequency and meal timing, how to get a beach body and so much more!  If you ever have a question please reach out by clicking on my contact me button!

Find out how Richie Milne provides a Word Class and Professional approach to body transformation.

Richie has over a decade of experience, academic research and continued education certifications and an honors degree in Sports Science and Business. As a certified Recomposition Specialist Richie uses the worlds most advanced Recomposer software to be able to achieve your goals through a combination of in person training and online coaching to track and assist you during your every day life.

Recomposer is specialised software for delivering an unparalleled professional body recomposition service. It is used for measuring, planning, building and tracking every element of body composition change, diet and training, with strict adherence to the scientific method.

Recomposer is an online, cloud-based system, accessed via web browser on any device. Richie Milne will update your program and keep track of your nutrition and exercise routines to ensure you meet your body goals.  Weekly check ins for body composition skin fold measurements are taken by one on one consultation or adjustments made to the plan via Zoom consult.



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