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By: Richie Milne

Recomp Training

Clients are to expect a customised gym training program prescribed to each individuals goals to achieve optimal muscle and body composition, whether you are looking to gain size, get lean, compete for the first time or as a professional athlete.  This service also appeals to the general population looking to drop a dress size, go down a few notices on your belt buckle or look your best at a big event or future holiday.   Sound appealing…..Then this is for you! No gimmicks, no cookie cutter template programs distributed to the masses just expert coaching from a professional athlete and coach with over a decade of experience and a genuine passion to helping YOU achieve YOUR goals.


Every weight is calculated for you for each exercise on the program using our advanced training software. The objective is to beat multiple personal best performances at every workout. It makes training purposeful, accountable and an objective measuring tool for success from your training.


Every month or macro cycle a new program is tailored to the individual, once new goals are discussed at consultation.  No two workouts are ever the same! Due to the changing variables of weight and repetitions measured against your previous performance using the repetition max calculator built into the system.


You don’t need to worry about how fat is burned because it has no relevance to how you train and diet to become a lighter (or heavier) and stronger athlete. The confusing biochemical processes inside your body take care of themselves.

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