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By: Richie Milne

Client Testimonials

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Janey Francis

Principal Leadership Development Coach

“I have been a client of Richard Milne for 18 months and have learned an enormous amount about health, fitness and personal development . Rich has an amazingly well informed , detailed and at the same time, holistic view on physical and emotional health. He is extremely well qualified and personable. Working with Rich has been a very positive experience.”

Mathew Read

Senior Accountant at Inchcape Australia

“Richard transformed my attitude to training through a combination of knowledge and enthusiasm. As well as dramatically improving my physique over the last 6 months Richard has helped with various shoulder and back injuries, flexibility and lifting techniques. Highly recommended!”

Belinda Kearins

HSE Projects Manager, Zinfragroup

“If you are after results, I would highly recommend Richard as a personal trainer. Richard is an approachable and professional personal trainer and confidant who helped me achieve the results I was after. Working with Richard 2-3 days per week helped me to improve my posture, health, strength, physique, weight loss and my psychological wellbeing. His workouts were both challenging, flexible and satisfying, designed to my day-to-day capabilities and wellbeing and the results were evident to myself and those around me quickly.”

Steve Tsimos

Owner, Tsimos Commercial Real Estate

“I have had Richie as a personal trainer for over 12 months now and his training regime is second to none that I have ever had
But he does much more, advising on nutrition, lifestyle and his vast experience and knowledge on all aspects of personal health and well being have transformed my life”

Ross Martin

Regional Sales Manager

“I have engaged Richard on numerous occasions in a personal training capacity and I have found his sessions to thoroughly enjoyable, innovative and most importantly have enabled me to achieve my fitness goals. Richard has a broad range of experience and whether you are an established athlete or fitness novice, Richard will customise a fitness program that caters for your specific needs. I highly recommend Richard’s services.”

Monique Harding

Senior Podiatrist

“Richie is a highly personable, professional and attentive trainer.
I have been working with him over the last 3 years to correct my postural imbalances and forward head lean due to my repetitive work as a podiatrist.
I would highly recommend his services for anyone wanting to get tangible results.”


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