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Categories: Nutrition

By: Richie Milne

Diet Plans

Your coach will prescribe a customised meal plan with each macro nutrient calculated to achieve your body composition goals.  Meal plans are designed to suit your preferences whilst still meeting the target nutrients and macro ratios.  We calculate quantities and prescribe a break down of each meal for you to follow. Our diets are designed to support a progressive weight training program so involve lots of food, no starvation and massive energy! Diet adjustments are made at each check in where necessary after body composition measurements are taken or data has been collated and reviewed as part of the service.  For you to keep improving your diet must keep changing according to your statistics. Your coach Richie Milne is a certified Sports Nutritionist with the International Society of Sports Nutrition (ISSN) and also insured to legally prescribe diets.

Macro ratios can be altered to meet desired results but we ask that you follow our prescription with consistency so that we can measure the result and make intelligent adjustments for optimal results.

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