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By: Richie Milne

Accountability Consultation

Clients will receive a premium service from their first consultation where we build your profile from information gathered on past training history, typical training split, current dietary practices, any past or present injuries or exercise restrictions.

At each weekly check in with your coach via one on one consultation, skin fold measurements will be used as an indicator of tracking progress and to keep you accountable. We discuss your weekly progress according to adherence to diet and program, making alterations where necessary after the system has calculated your body composition changes based on results of strength performance and statistics.

Online clients will receive communication via Zoom/Skype or Facetime consultations to analyse and measure progress. Body composition assessments are advised to be taken by the client through what ever methods you have access too (Dexa, Inbody, skulpt etc) girth measurements and before and after photos are also good performance indicators.

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